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Thirty on Thirty

Today I turn thirty. I like it because 3 is an odd number and a prime number, which feels safe (OCD, remember?), and I’m still not as old as I’ve always felt, which is about forty-five. I don’t think I’m going to miss my twenties, which were kind of awkward and melodramatic, but I met my husband towards the end of them and I learned a whole lot about who I am and who other people are, so I don’t regret them. It’s just nice to be moving into a new decade of motherhood and love and hope and bravery and faith and all those wonderful things. I really am looking forward to my thirties immensely.

So in honor of my birthday, here is a list of thirty things – anything, everything. I really am writing as topics leap into my mind, so this could go anywhere. (I’m wild!)  Continue reading “Thirty on Thirty”