Hard Candy Bare It All Stick Foundation

I’ve been searching for a long time for a non-liquid foundation that works as well as liquid, so when I saw this foundation stick at Walmart for only $7, I swooped it up.

I love the built-in brush and ease of use, but unfortunately it’s just not quite longwearing enough for me. My skin is fairly oily and I live in Louisiana, the heat and humidity capital of the world, so my foundation has to have the staying power of cement. This one did ok but was melting a bit after about four hours. At six hours, it was sliding off my nose. It also oxidized after a few hours and ended up about a shade darker than at application. (I know oily skin makes the oxidation problem worse, so I’m not blaming the foundation entirely for this one.)

This would be a good foundation for someone with dry to combo skin who lives in a colder/less humid locale. I’m going to keep it to use as concealer, maybe, or maybe just for the brush. 🙂

The foundation search continues!


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